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Jack & Jones


Cool & stylish menswear since 1990
Welcome to JACK & JONES. If you love stunning menswear offering both elegant and rough styles you’ve come to the right place. Even more if you share our passion for denim.

Since 1990 it has been our mission to provide you guys with the most stylish wardrobe pieces to make sure you look good wherever you go, and whatever the occasion might be. And, as we hold the opinion that fashion knows neither size nor age, at JACK & JONES you’ll also find stylish plus size clothing for men as well as cool clothes for boys – our youngest fashion fans. From now on, nobody has to go without a stylish wardrobe!

Our roots are based in jeanswear and designing cool denim clothes is one of our favorite things. However, we’re just as crazy about other fabrics that make you feel cool and confident. From trendy jeans styles, over fancy bomber jackets, to classic chino trousers. At JACK & JONES you’ll find everything you need to upgrade your closet and impress others with you great fashion sense.

Our assortment also features men’s underwear and accessories. So, no matter what you’re searching for, we’ve got you covered from head to toe, whether it’s the perfect outfit for the first date, a relaxed look for a gathering with your best buddies or a smart-casual business outfit for work.

Passion for denim
If you’re as crazy about jeans as we are, you need to visit our denim destination and join our denim brotherhood. From the latest trends to our handy jeans fit guide, find out everything about this cool blue fabric and how to rock it. As denim experts, we’ve got some special collections just for you. Discover the cosiest pair made of Indigo Knit, the best quality material provided directly by best Italian designers, super stretchy styles and our sustainable low impact denim collection. Our denim universe reflects and unites all our competencies, so everyone of our bros can find what he’s looking for in the easiest and best way possible.

How men’s jeans should fit
They fit perfectly right if you don’t notice anything tweaking and you look forward to wearing this stylish piece all day long. Make sure to become friends with Glenn, Liam, Tim, and Mike – our styles that include different fits. If you prefer skinny jeans for men, Liam will be your best buddy. Also find Slim, Comfort and Tapered Fits within those designs. We want to make your search for the perfect pair as easy as possible which is why we came up with those styles. Once you know your fit you just need to look for Glenn, Liam, Tim, or Mike and you’ll spend no more precious time unnecessarily trying to find the right fit.

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